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Tablet Inspection
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Two-side Tablet Inspection Machine Model YJ-250


Main Technical Parameters:
Inspection range  Plain and coated tablets; mini thickness 3mm 
Defects to be inspected 

Chips, tablet with crack, loss of tablet integrity,black spot or mark, 

adhesion or adhesion trace of tablets, uneven coating color, too thin coating, 

color  difference, undersize, loss of shape, different color spots on tablets, etc.   

Capacity  Tablet:50 KG/hr. 
Hopper volume  30L
Voltage  220V  50Hz single phase or 110V 60Hz single phase
Dimensions  H1850×L850×W1315mm
Power input  0.6KW 
Weight  150KG 
Compressed air  6bar 

Functions & Features: 

1. Reliable and smooth 180° turn-over of tablets.

2. Unique conveyor belt eliminates the possibility of metal particles caused by metal abrasion.

3. No greasing points or oiled chains prevent pollution.

4. Ergonomic design reduces the operator’s fatigue.

5. Each operator has his or her own collection box for defective tablets.

6. No need of external vacuum cleaner through the application of Venturi vacuum system.

7. The machine can be easily and quickly dismantled and cleaned.

8. No dead angle and easy to prevent contamination.

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