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Inspection Machine Model YJ-90S For Pre-Filled
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Inspection Machine Model YJ-90S For Pre-Filled


YJ-90S Inspection Machine is used in pharmaceutical industry for Pre-Filled inspection




1.It increases the production capacity and reduces operator's fatigue.

2.It can be used to Pre-filled .All sizes between 0.5 and 10 ml

3.Various kinds of products like solutions, antibiotics, suspensions, eye drops, freeze dried products can be inspected.

4.Several criteria can be inspected simultaneously, such as particulate matter, glassware defects, bottom, shoulder and cap area, micro-fissures.

5.By adopting Tyndall principle, the contrast of impurity particle is intensively enhanced under the concentrated light beam and the impurity can be detected very easily and quickly.

6.Adjustable cold lighting system combined working with mirrors and magnifying lens make the inspection more efficient.

7.Conveying speed and rotating speed are separately controlled and both speed could be variably adjusted

8.Color temperature, intensity of illumination and angle of illumination can be adjusted to optimize visual effect.

9.Advanced control system and touch screen provide friendly human-machine interface.

10.Various counting functions are available, i.e. count of Infeed, count of outfeed, count of rejects.

11.Change-over is simple & quick without using tools, machine cleaning & maintenance is easy.It can be connected with other equipments to make up a production line.




 Application: Pre-filled
 Operators: one
 Output: Max. 150 objects/min/lane
 Mode of operation: Continuous or intermittent (switch)
 Voltage:  220 V, 0.8-1.4 kW, 50 Hz standard; all desired voltages possible
 Dimensions: 4700 x 1000 x 1700 mm
 Weight: 500KG


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